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The modern agriculture foundation is a non-profit organization, working to promote research in the field of cultured meat. All of our staff works on a full volunteer basis.

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Shir Friedman, MAF's spokeswoman, is lecturing about cultured meat and the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The lecture is at Tel-Aviv University, as a part of an official environmental course at the life science faculty.

During the 2nd Vegan Congress, an event that took place in Tel Aviv on March 2015, Shir Friedman, the foundation's co-founder, gave a lecture about cultured meat and the foundation's efforts to advance its research.
We believe that cultured meat is the ultimate solution for the problems of the current meat industry, and that animal advocates should consider working to hasten its arrival.

A video by Guy Avin as part of his academic studies, explaining what is Cultured Meat and its benefits

Tel Aviv University bioengineer Amit Gefen has been tasked with determining the strategies, challenges, and solution of growing a cultured chicken breast; he intends to start with one cell and allow it to multiply into a whole piece.

What are the negative effects of the current meat industry? What is the ideal solution to eliminate them? Who are we? Watch the next video "Cultured Meat: Same Meat, Different Way" to find all the answers.

Cultured meat principals, meat the future.

Interesting and important environmental facts about the ecological damages of the meat industry.
Taken from the documentary film COWSPIRACY.

An interview with Prof. Amit Gefen on Israel's leading financial newspaper, Calcalist.

Despite decreases in certain regions, worldwide people are eating more meat than they used to, primarily because of the improved financial situations for many in China and India.

Conversations with Great Minds - Guy McPherson / Human Extinction in our Lifetime.

נאום של פרופסור מארק פוסט בTED.

TED speech by Professor Mark Post, one of the most influential scientists in the cultured meat field.

Andras Forgacs is a co-founder of Modern Meadow, which creates cultured leather. In this lecture, Forgacs introduces cultured leather and its advantages.

Hank Green, from the popular SciShow, explains cultured meat.

TED speech by Professor Mark Post, one of the most influential scientists in the cultured meat field.

How can we create meat in a more sustainable, healthy and humane fashion.