The number of farm animals at any given moment around the globe has tripled in the past 40 years.

תנאי צפיפות קשים. תעשיית הבשר כיום.
Overcrowding. The meat industry today.

The rise in global per capita meat consumption means more competition in the ever more lucrative meat market. As the market becomes more competitive, consumers expect lower prices and meat suppliers must raise and slaughter more animals in less time. The result of this heightened efficiency is more animal suffering. Including but not limited to: the disposal of male chicks by throwing them by the thousands into garbage bags and the buckling of cows, who are left to wither away slowly, without adequate medical treatment.

“I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live.”  Albert Schwartzer

Compassion and fairness to animals are understood by everyone. With the ever worsening conditions in factory farms the growing number of animals who die before slaughter, and the ethical concerns of slaughtering animals in general, we must ask ourselves: “Is there a better way?”. There are none among us who would like to see animals suffer and die unnecessarily, some of us conjure images of family farms in our head to deal with this issue. However the overwhelming majority of animals raised for food are not raised this way and soon enough none will be.

As a society striving to be more humane we must look to cultured meat as the most feasible solution to these problems, and the only solution which is truly humane, does not involve killing animals and does not require people to stop consuming meat.

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