Ronen was born in 1983. He is a journalist, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology and mass communication from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and a diploma from "koteret" school of journalism.

For the past eight years he has been active in the animal advocates movement.

In recent years, Ronen has worked as an undercover investigator in factory farming to expose animal abuse, including the biggest abattoir in Israel, a slaughterhouse of chickens, battery cage facility of laying hens, and more. The investigations were revealed on Israeli television, causing an outcry.

"The investment of energy and effort, aiming to curb the destructive implications of livestock factory farming, must be balanced. One hand of effort deals with the awareness plain and the other in the scientific\technological plain. Nowadays, only one hand functions, and it is the one that deals exclusively with the informative plain. Significant change will arrive only with two functioning hands. Therefore, the most important task now is to center efforts in the technological plain."

Ronen aspires to raise awareness to the technological solutions that can become the alternative to meat as it is produced today, and by that to give rise to funding of revolutionary studies in the field.