Born in 1994. Omer is an undergraduate student for Biology and Economics at Tel-Aviv University.

Omer is a co-founder of The Modern Agriculture Foundation, and a board member.

"Man possesses a unique kind of intelligence, and empathy that is rare in the animal kingdom. This combination distinguishes the human species as one that can not only explore the natural world, develop technology and change it's environment, but also can do so with consideration for the other life-forms that share the planet with it.

I think that the meat industry, in it's current form and in this point in time, doesn't express the uniqueness of mankind – it is an industry that causes intense suffering to billions of animals, and can be described as primitive, considering the things we are capable of. Cultured meat is the most promising alternative to the current state, and that's the direction towards which I'd like to see humanity going.”

His main fields of contribution at “The Modern Agriculture Foundation” are fundraising and content.