Serves as one of the scientific counselors of The Modern Agriculture Foundation.

Prof. Abelson is a marine ecologist, focusing on assessment of human impact on the environment and search for solutions, like reserves and restoration ecology.

Prof. Abelson is an executive researcher at the department of Zoology, Tel-Aviv University.



Period of study Name of University Subject Degree Date of award
1981-1984 The Hebrew University , Jerusalem Biology B.Sc. 1984
1985-1987 Tel Aviv University Zoology - Marine Ecology M.Sc. (with distinction) 1987
1987-1993 Tel Aviv University Zoology - Marine Ecology Ph.D. (with distinction) 1993
1993-1995 Stanford University , California , U.S.A. Marine Ecology postdoctoral study -----

Academic and Professional Awards

Year Name of Institution (city, country)
1986 Prof. H. Lewinsohn award for marine-biology students.
1997-2000 The U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation.
1997-2000 The Israel Science Foundation of the Israel Academy of Sciences.
1998 The Israel Science Foundation - Equipment Fund (“Academia Tziud”).
1999-2001 BMBF German-Israel Cooperation in Marine Sciences (MARS 2).
1999-2002 MERC (USAID) - the Red-Sea Marine Peace Park (RSMPP) Project.
2004-2006 Italy-Israel Environmental studies Foundation.
2001-2004 The U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation (BSF).
2004-2006 USAID - Coral-reef study in Eritrea.
2005-2009 BMBF German-Israel Cooperation in Marine Sciences.

Consultancy and Other Ex-Curriculum Environmental Activities

  • Member of the "Marine Constructions for Artificial Reefs" Forum of the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Member of a consultation committee of the Ministry of the Environment for the Environmental impact assessment of fish-cage farms in Eilat.
  • Member of the thinking tank of The Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership.
  • Coordinating academic committee of Nature Conservation (sub-committee of the board of governors of the Israeli Society for Nature Conservation).
  • Organizing a “Marine Pollution Forum” of the Israeli "green associations".
  • Consultant for the Ministry of the Environment, the Society for Nature Conservation, GreenPeace and “Adam Teva Ve-Din” in various marine and coastal issues.
  • Environmental consultant of artificial-reef enterprise (" Divers Island ") in the Red Sea.